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Get Your Taxes Done Faster with LorMet and TurboTax®


TurboTaxAre you one of those people who procrastinate when the time comes to file your taxes? You could make 2012 the year that you get your taxes done quickly. Think about it—the sooner you get your taxes done, the sooner you can get your refund. In fact, you can save time this tax season and have the refund directly deposited into your LorMet savings account or your LorMet free checking account.

After you click on the TurboTax® logo on the LorMet homepage and complete your tax forms, you can get your tax refund in as few as 8 days when you e-file and use direct deposit.

Last year, Bankrate.com asked Arthur J. Bangs, a licensed psychologist and professor who conducts workshops to help people put an end to their procrastination habits, just why we wait to do things like filing taxes.

"Some feel it's safer to do nothing," says Bangs. They think they can avoid making mistakes by putting off the task.

Others procrastinate when facing a job they're unsure of how to perform...

Then there are perfectionists who put off doing things because they fear they won't do it well enough, as well as the rebels who don't want to follow someone else's rules."

This year you can kick procrastination to the curb and get your taxes done because the longer you wait, the more anxious you may become. You don’t want to let money worries affect your health.

If you are one of the perfectionists described above or if you fear making mistakes, TurboTax® provides special guidance for first time users and answers all your questions. You can feel assured knowing that you are getting the advantages of using an expert tax preparation service.

Tax Breaks Can Save the Pain of Doing Your Taxes


 Are you dreading doing your taxes?

USA Today published an article entitled: “Tax breaks could inspire you to do your taxes,” and while some of the tax breaks they mentioned could not be applied to most people, that is some good food for thought. If you are the type of person who avoids doing your taxes, you have to remember that there are deductions and tax breaks that could mean you have little to fear.

If you installed energy-efficient windows or doors, or bought certain energy-efficient appliances, then you may be eligible for a tax break if you did not already use the lifetime maximum for this tax break ($1,500) on last year's taxes.

You may also get a tax credit for up to $2,200 if you bought a qualifying energy-efficient car.  Cars in this category include some hybrids and some electric cars that need to be plugged in, but the credit is only good until the manufacturer sells 60,000 save on taxesvehicles. (Of course if you bought that energy-efficient car using a low-rate auto loan from LorMet, you have already saved some money, but we know you want to save as much money as possible.)

There are many possible tax breaks for you, depending on your situation. And if you are reluctant to take the plunge on your own, why not use TurboTax to help? You can access TurboTax from the LorMet website. When you use this comprehensive tax prep program, it guides you through the process step by step. Since it is online, it is updated and with the latest tax laws. Plus, you do not have to pay until you decide to file, but once you get started, why not see it through?  It is easy to use and your taxes will be one less thing on your to-do list.  Of course, always consult your own tax advisor to determine your deduction eligibility and personal tax needs.


Picture Credit: John-Morgan

Hassle-Free Income Tax Prep with LorMet and Turbo Tax


Soon after the joy of the holiday season ends, many people begin to dread tax season. This is unfortunate since taxes are due in April, which means there are months in which you could allow yourself to feel weighed down by the thought of doing your income taxes. And tax season is a bit longer this year because a local holiday in Washington DC falls on April 15, so you have until April 18 to turn in your taxes.

Hassle free taxes with LorMetReally there is no need to spend the time from now until April letting your taxes hang over your head. You can prepare, print and e-file your taxes with Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax takes the guesswork out of filing your taxes and you can access the online program directly from the LorMet website.

If you are filing a 1040EZ form you can file at no cost. And while there is a fee for those who are filing more complicated returns, you are eligible for discounts when you access Turbo Tax from the LorMet website.

With Turbo Tax you do not have to worry that you might not understand tax forms. The program gives you step-by-step directions, acting as a GPS to help you fill out your tax forms. But if you want a more personal touch or need to speak to person, you can access the Help Center. The Help Center lets you enter online forums, get support in an online chat session or via phone and speak to a live tax expert if you wish. Turbo Tax applies the latest tax laws to your tax preparation so it is accurate and up-to-date. Turbo Tax lets you prepare and e-file your taxes right from the comfort of your own home.

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